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Meet our alumni: Ipshita Chatterjee


Blue graphic with mortar boards and the words Meet our Alumni Studied the MSc Computer Science at the Department of Computer Science in 2020 - 2021. 

What was your background before joining Oxford University?  

I am from New Delhi, India. Before coming to Oxford, I completed my Bachelor of Engineer in Computer Engineering from the University of Delhi, and worked for two years as a software engineer at Adobe.  

What attracted you to studying Computer Science as a subject?  

I have been deeply fascinated by Computer Science, ever since I took up HTML as an elective in school, at age 13. I was very captivated by how seemingly simple lines of code could create beautiful web pages. To me, studying Computer Science is empowering. It gives me the tools to create powerful solutions to everyday problems and catapults me to the forefront of creating the future through technology.  

I hope we were able to inspire (even a tiny bit) the next generation of women to take up STEM careers.  Ipshita Chatterjee

What aspects of the course you studied here did you particularly enjoy?  

What attracted me most to Oxford Computer Science was the first principles approach to teaching the subject. For such a rapidly changing industry, I wanted to strengthen my skills for the future and equip myself to solve problems which may not even have presented themselves today. The focus of the course on solving problems from first principles, and not just the latest technologies, was quite commendable.  

Additionally, I was able take up courses presenting the bigger picture - the impact of Computer Science on society, and application areas such as biology, medicine and genomics. I was involved with Oxford Women in Computer Science (OxWoCS) as an Outreach Officer, alongside an amazing committee. I am very proud of our work championing the voices of women in Computer Science, with Female Faces of Computer Science. And the hands-on impact we created with Challenge Club, an online computer science outreach programme to support students in growing their maths skills. I hope we were able to inspire (even a tiny bit) the next generation of women to take up STEM careers. I also represented the Department as a Student Ambassador in several outreach activities. As part of Oxford Artificial Intelligence Society (OxAI), I worked alongside Dell Technologies to produce a whitepaper examining how AI could change the future of work, which was received very well. Most of all, I really enjoyed the company and learning from the people I met here, with vastly different backgrounds and experiences, all incredibly kind and supportive.  

What did you do after you graduated from your Oxford University course?  

I have started working with Amazon in London as a Software Development Engineer with the Prime Video team, building bespoke financial systems for royalty calculation.  

How has the course you studied here helped you in your current career?  

While I had a Computer Science background before, this course has given me a strong understanding of technical concepts and inculcated the ability to solve ambiguous problems. The Oxford term system has taught me time management and the tutorial system has taught me the value of curiosity, asking the right questions and formulating my thoughts cogently on the fly. Networking skills I acquired at Oxford University have also helped me in my current career.  

If we had interviewed you when you were a student, what might you have thought about what you are currently doing? 

I think she would have been surprised, amazed AND proud of everything she has achieved during the course and beyond. She would go on to complete her MSc in a very challenging year full of uncertainties, contribute to projects and initiatives she cares about, make friends who support her, and start a job she is really excited about.