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Meet our alumni: Anne-Marie Imafidon


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Anne-Marie Imafidon received a Masters' degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at just 20 years old and went on to become the co-founder and CEO of Stemettes for over 10 years.

At 20, Anne-Marie lmafidon was one of the youngest students to be awarded a Masters' degree in Mathematics and Computer Science by the University of Oxford. She went on to co-found Stemettes, which is an award-winning social enterprise inspiring the next generation of girls, young women, and non-binary young people to persue careers in STEM. She has won numerous accolades including an MBE in 2017.

What is something you try to share with all the girls, young women and non-binary people that come to Stemettes, that you would like to share with the students in the department?

That inclusion is in the actions of everyone - not just those ‘in power’ or ‘at the top’. Each of us has the opportunity and privilege to include different types of folks - in order to enrich our own learning, our own experiences and collectively enhance the field.

What is the value of having spaces created by groups and enterprises such as OxWocs and Stemettes?

This is not a lone pursuit - gathering a community around you to commiserate with, celebrate with and learn with will stand you in good stead, build resilience and ensure excellence in the field by allowing a great diversity of thought to be represented in our outputs. Did you know currently there are 14 men named in the Science curriculum versus 1 woman? And there are no women are named in the Computer Science, Engineering or Maths curricula.

The curriculum is a standard - that is engaged with by a majority - so it’s a powerful tool for ensuring that we have a STEM pipeline. This is why we are requesting Equitable Curriculum Reform in our White Paper. Anne-Marie lmafidon

What is the Stemettes White Paper?

The White Paper outlines Equitable Curriculum Reform - a small change that will inspire many and ensure that the GCSE & A-level STEM Curriculums inspire a sense of belonging for folks who don’t feel represented by it. We’re asking for women’s names to appear properly alongside the name of men’s - on concepts, theories and knowledge that they have created and discovered.

Learn about the Stemettes White Paper here: