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OUCL receives Amazon Web Services Research Grant


The DIADEM project, lead by Georg Gottlob, is the recipient of an Amazon Web Services research grant in the amount of $7500 for 2011.

DIADEM (Domain-centric Intelligent Automated Data Extraction Methodology) addresses the problem of automating vertical object search in the World Wide Web using domain-specific knowledge. It is supported by an "Advanced Investigator Grant" of the ERC. The Amazon research grant recognizes industrial relevance and scientific potential of DIADEM.

The grant supports the experimental evaluation of early DIADEM prototypes including OXPath, DIADEM's formalism for parallelized data extraction. OXPath is an extension of the well-known XPath language by features such as user action simulation for the navigation through menus and search masks, and the highly parallel execution of massive data extraction tasks using cloud computing.

The OXPath research team at OUCL consists of DPhil student Andrew Sellers, the Post-doctoral Research Assistants Giovanni Grasso, Tim Furche and Christian Schallhart, and Georg Gottlob.


Tim Furche
(James Martin Fellow (, Fellow of the Oxford Man Institute)