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Netcraft recruitment event


Netcraft will be visiting the Department on Wednesday 18th May 2011 for a recruitment event followed by a networking buffet.

Planned sessions include:

Defence against the Dark Arts

Phishing, hacking and Internet based fraud are growing very quickly, not only in absolute numbers, but also in diversity and complexity. The session will review contemporary Internet bank robbing, illustrating the scale of the activity, the technological arms race between attackers and defenders, and review some recent innovations and illuminating mistakes from each side. Netcraft currently receives around 150,000 phishing reports a month (about two per minute) and licences a validated feed of regular expressions blocking these sites to the web browser, anti-virus, content filtering, firewall, hosting and domain registration industries.

Netcraft also provides countermeasures against phishing sites to banks and other phishing targets. Session includes a review of the workflow and share some war stories about how phishing sites have gone down.

Break the Bank

Netcraft tests the security of web based applications, usually for banks, payment providers, and the financial services industry. The Break the Bank section will review some of the vulnerabilities  that we look for, and discuss the types of mistakes most commonly made by banks when attempting to secure their services.

Web Server Survey

Netcraft provides extensive research and reporting to the internet infrastructure industry derived from its web server survey. The Web Server Survey currently finds well over a quarter of a billion hostnames, and spends over 1000 CPU hours analysing around half a terabyte of compressed front pages each month. Netcraft present some of the issues involved in finding & tracking new technologies on the Web, and aspects of using Amazon Web Services to scale the operations to keep pace with growth of both size and complexity of the Internet.


This event is specifically for 4th year Computer Science and Maths and Computer Science students, as well as MSc students studying Computer Science or Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science. Registration is essential.

Netcraft, an Internet services company based in Bath, England, has a cosmopolitan client list, spread through the UK, the USA, mainland Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America.  The company is funded through retained profit and primarily derives its revenue from providing internet security services, providing research data and analysis on many aspects of the internet and from advertising.

The event will start at 15.15 in Lecture Theatre B

To register your attendance and receive a free laptop bag email If you do not wish to receive a laptop bag but still wish to attend email