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Four papers accepted to CONCUR 2011



Four papers, co-authored by Oxford computer scientists will be given at CONCUR 2011 - the 22nd International Conference on Concurrency Theory - during September, in Aachen, Germany.  The conferences will bring together researchers, developers, and students in order to advance the theory of concurrency, and promote its application.

The papers that will be given by members of the Department include:

  • Two variable vs. Linear Temporal logic in model checking and games by Michael Benedikt, Rastislav Lenhardt and James Worrell
  • Tractable Reasoning in a Fragment of Separation Logic Christoph Haase Joel Ouaknine and James Worrell with colleagues Byron Cook, and  Matthew Parkinson  from Microsoft Research Cambridge and Queen Mary University of London.
  • Static Livelock Analysis in CSP by Joel Ouaknine, Hristina Palikareva, Bill Roscoe and James Worrell
  • Refining the Process Rewrite Systems Hierarchy via Ground Tree Rewrite Systems by Anthony Widjaja Lin in collaboration with Stefan Göller.