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Workshop announced: cell-based modelling within Chaste (Cancer, Heart and Soft-Tissue Environment)


We are pleased to announce the first workshop on cell-based modelling within Chaste (Cancer, Heart and Soft-Tissue Environment), an open-source multi-scale framework for the computational modelling of biological systems.

The Chaste software library consists of object-oriented C++ code, developed using an agile approach. All software is tested, robust, reliable and extensible. The library enables general simulations to be undertaken and includes tools to visualise, analyse and automatically curate and store simulation results, thus expediting model development.

The workshop will focus on teaching the basics of multi-cell and multi-scale modelling using the Chaste framework. Through a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises, participants will learn how to implement and run simulations of several model biological systems. Time is also reserved for participants to receive help and tuition in how to apply Chaste to novel biological problems, including their own research.

This workshop is aimed at experimental biologists, medical scientists, biophysicists, mathematical biologists and computational biologists of
experience from advanced undergraduates to senior researchers, who have an interest in developing multi-cell, multi-scale computational models, or learning how such models might help their research. In order to get the most out of the workshop participants should have a working knowledge of C++ and some experience of mathematical modelling in the life sciences; to aid participants, preparatory resources will be provided prior to the workshop.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have implemented a basic simulation of the particular biological problem involved in their research.
Post-workshop support and collaboration to continue simulation development will also be available.

The workshop will take place in Oxford on 4-6 January 2012. The deadline for applications is 1st October 2011.

Further information about the event, including details of how to book:

More about CHASTE: