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PostDoc researcher appointed Co-Programme Committee Chair for web reasoning conference


Markus Krötzsch has been chosen as one of two Programme Committee Chairs for the 6th International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems or RR 2012 as it's also known. He shares the position with Umberto Straccia of the Italian research institute STI-CNR.

RR 2012 is a major forum for discussion and dissemination of new results on all topics concerning Web Reasoning and Rule Systems. This joint conference is devoted to all aspects of Semantic Web Reasoning, with an emphasis on rule-based approaches and languages. The event will be held in Vienna, Austria, in September 2012.

Markus Krötzsch is a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Computer Science, in Oxford. His research interest is the intelligent automatic processing of information, ranging from the foundations of formal knowledge representation to application areas like the Semantic Web.