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Christmas Lecture: Why Should Robots Play Football?


Year 9 students are invited to attend the University of Oxford’s Christmas Science Lectures, including one given by Stephen Cameron of the Computer Science Department entitled ‘Why Should Robots Play Football?’

Come and find out why thousands of people from across the world are busy trying to teach robots to play football.  We'll explain how the competitions have evolved from the use of wheeled to legged robots, and have expanded out to other areas of robotics such as robots in the home.  We'll also explain how everyone can get involved, and allow you to meet our legged robots.

Other lectures this year include ‘Accelerate! Show’, ‘Hot Stuff: How Volcanoes Work’ and the popular ‘Chemistry Show’ . The lectures will take place on Monday 12th (the robot lecture), Tues 13th, Weds 14th and Thurs 15th December 2011 at the University Museum of Natural History. Like the popular Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, these educational and entertaining lectures aim to inspire and encourage students towards science and are suitable for students of all abilities.

Following the lecture students will take part in a Christmas themed Science Quiz around the museum, where they will also have the opportunity to handle the museum’s collection of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches with museum staff. Light refreshments will also be provided.


09.30am                         Onwards arrive

09.50am  - 10.00am       Welcome to museum & introduction to lecture

10.00am  - 11.00am       Christmas science lecture

11.00am  - 12noon         Quiz around the museum, cockroach handling session & refreshments

12.00noon                     Return to lecture theatre for prizes

12.15pm                         End

For further information, including booking please contact: Dr Zareen Ahmed-Stewart MPLS Division’s Schools Liaison Officer :