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Software Engineering at Credit Suisse lecture series announced


A lecture series entitled ‘Software Engineering at Credit Suisse’ is to be given by Stephan Murer, Chief Architect at Credit Suisse, and Visiting Professor of Software Engineering at Oxford.

The talks -  all to be given at Department of Computer Science, Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford - will include:

Platform architecture
Wednesday 8th February (week 4, Hilary Term 2012). 12:00 in Room 051

Design information systems adequate to the risk they carry
Friday 13th April 2012 12:00 in Room 051

Security architecture
Thursday 7th June (week 7, Trinity Term 2012). 12:00 in Room 051

Testing at large
Wednesday 5th September 2012 12:00 in Room 051

Understanding large scale code evolution
Wednesday 28th November (week 8, Michaelmas Term 2012). 12:00 in Room 051

Further information:

Stephan Murer gained his Diploma and Ph.D. in computer science from ETH Zürich, doing research on using hardware supported context switches to hide memory latency in non-uniform memory architectures. After that he moved on to the International Computer Science Institute at UC Berkeley to continue and expand his research into parallel object-oriented programming languages and type systems for object-oriented languages. After returning to Switzerland he joined Credit Suisse as an internal consultant. He then held a number of different roles in Credit Suisse as a manager, project lead, and technical expert. In 2000 he was promoted and put in charge of the firm’s information systems architecture.   Stephan has also served as a member of the Swiss National Research Council, helping the National Science Foundation to allocate research funding.


Stephan Murer
(Managing Director, Senior Advisor, Credit Suisse AG, Zürich)