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Women in Computer Science day announced


Not sure what Computer Science is? Think it's all about using Microsoft Word and Excel? Locking yourself away in a darkened room for ours, with no links to the real world? Think again! This one-day taster event from the Department of Computer Science at Oxford gives young women the chance to:

  • meet women (and men) who work in the Computer Science field — find out how they're changing the world: from automatically translating text from one language to another; to modelling the human body as part of the fight against cancer. From developing robots that can be used to help rescuers in disaster zones; to protecting individuals from cyber criminals.
  • try out our hands-on activity
  • visit an Oxford college — find out what its really like to live and study at Oxford
  • find out what computer science really is — it's not just ICT and it certainly isn't just for boys and geeks.
  • learn about the Oxford Computer Science degrees — including guidance on the application process

The taster day, to be held on Wednesday 21st March 2012, will combine lots of short talks, a couple of longer lectures, and a practical hands-on session. Plus a tour of an Oxford College. Speakers and session-leaders will include Oxford University lecturers and researchers and there will be the chance to meet current Oxford students.

This event is open to Year 11 and 12 girls from UK schools. Students should be taking, or planning on taking A Level Maths (or equivalent), and expect to achieve at least AAB at A Level. It is aimed at students who are thinking about doing a Maths-related degree at University, but unsure as to exactly what. As well as at those who already have an interest in Computer Science.

Further information and how your school can book places: