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Computer Science and Philosophy Taster Day


Oxford University has introduced a new undergraduate degree in undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Philosophy, with the first students starting later this year. Young people interested in finding out more about the course are invited to attend a one day taster event. 

The combination of Computer Science and Philosophy provides a very attractive option for students with a strong aptitude for Mathematics but a wider interest in "life, the universe and everything". The links between Computer Science and Philosophy are broad and deep, extending well beyond the obvious overlaps in logic, artificial intelligence, ethics and robotics. They share a broad focus on the representation of information and rational inference, embracing common interests in algorithms, cognition, intelligence, language, proof, verification, etc. Some of the greatest philosophers of the past — from Aristotle to Turing — dreamed of automated reasoning and what this might achieve. This taster day provides an opportunity to find out more about how computers have now made this a reality.

This "taster" event is ideal for those interested in learning more about the Oxford programme and who are considering applying for a 2013 (or later) start. It is also aimed at those with a passion for Mathematics, but who are undecided about what to study at university; and those who already have an interest in one or other (or both) subjects and would like to find out more.

This free taster day event will take place on Thursday 15th March 2012. Booking essential. (Parents and teachers also welcome.)

Further info and booking: