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Computer Science student awarded EPSRC Doctoral Prize


Doctoral student Ciara Dangerfield has been awarded an EPSRC Doctoral Prize. The prize is aimed at helping to retain the best students receiving EPSRC funding: to develop beyond the end of the PhD, to launch a successful career in research, and to increase the impact of the DPhil research in terms of publications, knowledge transfer and outreach.

Ciara's Doctoral research is in the field of Computational Biology. More specifically, her work focusses on methods for incorporating the random behaviour of ion channels into electrophysiology models and the effect of this random behaviour on the electrical dynamics of cardiac cells.

Before joining the Department of Computer Science at Oxford, Ciara studied at the University of Warwick where she received an Mmath in 2008. She went on to spend a year at the Life Sciences Interface DTC in Oxford before beginning her DPhil studies in the Computational Biology group in October 2009.