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Papers accepted to ICDT 2013



Four papers with authors affiliated with Oxford’s Computer Science Department have been accepted to the 16th International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT 2013) ) to take place in Genoa in March 2013. ICDT is one of the top venues for theoretical issues related to data management.


The accepted papers include:

  • Access Patterns and Integrity Constraints Revisited by Vince Barany, Michael Benedikt and Pierre Bourhis (All Oxford.)
  • Recursive queries on trees and data trees, by Serge Abiteboul (INRIA) Pierre Bourhis (Oxford), Anca Muscholl (LaBRI) and Zhilin Wu (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Which DTDs are streaming repairable? by Pierre Bourhis, Gabriele Puppis and Cristian Riveros (All Oxford.)
  • XML compression via DAGs by Sebastian Maneth (Oxford), Markus Lohrey (Leipzig) and Eric Noeth.