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Bumper crop of IJCAI papers for Oxford Computer Science


The Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford has harvested a bumper crop of eleven accepted papers at this year's International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI). Held every other year, IJCAI is the premier international conference for artificial intelligence research. This year's conference, to be held in Beijing, China, in August 2013, attracted 1473 submissions, and after reviewing, only 413 of these (28%) were accepted for presentation and publication.

In more detail, Oxford's (co-)authored, accepted papers are as follows:

  • Robust Constraint Satisfaction and Local Hidden Variables in  Quantum Mechanics.
    By S. Abramsky, G. Gottlob, P. Kolaitis
  • Verification of Inconsistency-Aware Knowledge and Action Bases.
    By D. Calvanese, E. Kharlamov, M. Montali, A. Santoso and  D. Zheleznyakov.
  • Computing Stable Models for Nonmonotonic Existential Rules.
    By D. Magka, M. Krötzsch, and I. Horrocks
  • The Impact of Disjunction on Query Answering Under Guarded-based  Existential Rules
    By Pierre Bourhis, Michael Morak, Andreas Pieris
  • Computational Analysis of Connectivity Games with Applications to Terrorist  Networks.
    T. Michalak, T. Rahwan, P. Szczepanski, O. Skibski, R. Narayanam,  N. R. Jennings, and M. Wooldridge
  • Coalitional Games via Network Flows.
    By T. Rahwan, T.-D. Nguyen, T. Michalak, M. Polukarov,  M. Croitoru, M. Wooldridge, and N. R. Jennings
  • Iterated Boolean Games.
    By J. Gutierrez, P. Harrenstein, and M. Wooldridge
  • Verifiable Equilibria in Boolean Games.
    By T. Agotnes, P. Harrenstein, W. van der Hoek, and  M. Wooldridge
  • Preference-based Query Answering in Datalog+/- Ontologies.
    By T. Lukasiewicz, M. V. Martinez, and G. I. Simari
  • Computing Datalog Rewritings Beyond Horn Ontologies.
    By B. Cuenca Grau, B. Motik, G. Stoilos, and I. Horrocks.
  • Exchanging OWL 2 QL Knowledge Bases
    By M. Arenas, E. Botoeva, D. Calvanese and V. Ryzhikov

More information about IJCAI can be found at the conference web site: