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Best Paper Award received at CAA


An Oxford co-authored paper has won the Best Paper award at the 2013 International Computer Assisted Assessment Conference.

The winning paper was: "Reflections on characteristics of university students' essays through experimentation with domain-independent natural language processing techniques", written by Debora Field, John Richardson, Stephen Pulman, Nicolas Van Labeke and Denise Whitelock. 

The International CAA is a two-day research-led conference organised by Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton and Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University.

 The Conference aims to advance the understanding and application of information technology to the assessment process (e-assessment) through rigorous peer-reviewed research. It is of particular interest to those involved in the pedagogic and technical aspects of e-assessment.

The conference has taken place between 9-10 July 2013, in Southampton.

Please note this article has been updated and corrected. It previously erroneously said that the winning paper was  "Using student experience to inform the design of an automated feedback system for essay answers” was written by Bethany Alden (Open University), Nicolas Van Labeke (Open University) Debora Field, Stephen Pulman, John Richardson (Open University) and Denise Whitelock (Open University).