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AIJ Prominent Paper Award


Congratulations to Thomas Lukasiewicz for winning the prestigious AIJ Prominent Paper Award 2013 for the paper 'Combining answer set programming with description logics for the Semantic Web', by Thomas Eiter, Giovambattista Ianni, Thomas Lukasiewicz, Roman Schindlauer and Hans Tompits.

This paper proposes dl-programs, a formalism that integrates description logics with rule-based logic programs under answer set semantics. It provides not only detailed theoretical analyses of these programs in terms of their expressive power and computational complexities, but also an implementation that illustrates the usefulness of the proposed formalism in the Semantic Web. This work highlights many difficult issues in the problem of adding rules and default rules into description logics, and has been very influential in subsequent work in this area. 

The AIJ Prominent Paper Award recognizes outstanding papers published not more than five years ago in the Artificial Intelligence Journal (AIJ) that are exceptional in their significance and impact.

For further information about the AIJ Prominent Paper Award, please visit the AIJ website.