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FDR Version 3 Released


We are pleased to announce the general availability of the CSP refinement checker FDR3. FDR3 is a complete rewrite of FDR2 and has been under development at the University of Oxford for the last two years by a team comprising of Thomas Gibson-Robinson, Phil Armstrong, Alexandre Boulgakov and A. W. Roscoe.

The main improvements in FDR3 are:

  • A parallel refinement-checking engine that achieves a near linear speed-up for a wide class of problems. 
  • An integrated type-checker that enables errors in scripts to be pinpointed much more quickly. 
  • A completely redesigned graphical user interface that provides access to a lot more information, especially when viewing counterexamples.

A full list of the changes is listed in the manual.

FDR3 is freely available for academic, teaching, and research purposes from the project webpage.

At the present time, only 64-bit versions of Linux and Mac OS X are supported.