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Eight Oxford papers for AAMAS-2014


Authors from Oxford University's Department of Computer Science have eight full accepted papers at the 13th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS-2014), to be held in Paris in May. AAMAS is the premier international forum for presenting work in the area of multi-agent systems, and is extremely competitive: the acceptance rate for papers this year was just 23%.

For more details on AAMAS-2014, see:

The accepted papers are:


* Fractional Hedonic Games, 

 by H. Aziz, F. Brandt, and P.  Harrenstein


* Coalition Structure Generation with the Graphics Processing Unit, 

 by K. Pawlowski, K. Kurach, K. Svensson, S. Ramchurn, T. Michalak and T. Rahwan.


* Properties of Multiwinner Voting Rules, 

 by E. Elkind, P. Faliszewski, P. Skowron, and A. Slinko


* Algorithms for the Myerson and Shapley Values in Graph-restricted Games, 

 by O. Skibski, T. Michalak, T. Rahwan, M. Wooldridge


* Forming coalitions and facilitating relationships for completing tasks in social networks, 

 by L. Sless, N. Hazon, S. Kraus, and M. Wooldridge


* Lukasiewicz Games, 

 by E. Marchioni and M. Wooldridge


* Hard and Soft Equilibria in Boolean Games, 

 by P. Harrenstein, P. Turrini, and M. Wooldridge


* Minimality and Simplicity in the On-line Automated Synthesis of Normative Systems, 

 by J. Morales, M. Lopez-Sanchez, J. A. Rodriguez-Aguilar, W. Vasconcelos, and M. Wooldridge