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Five papers at KR-2014


Oxford academics have five papers accepted at the Fourteenth International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR-2014) to be held in Austria in July. The conference focusses on the theoretical aspects of representing knowledge about the world in such a way that it can be processed by computers, and is one of the cornerstone conferences in the field of artificial intelligence. The KR conference is highly competitive: this year only 58 papers were accepted from 220 submissions overall — an acceptance rate of just 1 in 4. Professor Georg Gottlob from Oxford’s Department of Computer Science will also give an invited plenary talk at the conference.

The accepted papers are:


  • Julian Gutierrez, Paul Harrenstein, and Michael Wooldridge:
    Reasoning about Equilibria in Game-like Concurrent Systems.

  • Egor Ianovsky and Luke Ong:
    GuaranteeNash for Boolean games is NEXP-hard.

  • Georg Gottlob, Marco Manna, and Andreas Pieris:
    Polynomial Combined Rewritings for Existential Rules.

  • Georg Gottlob, Andre Hernich, Clemens Kupke and Thomas Lukasiewicz:
    Stable Model Semantics for Guarded Existential Rules and Description Logics

  • Georg Gottlob et al:
    The Datalog+- Manifesto: A Family of Rule Based Languages for Knowledge Representation and Ontological Reasoning.

For more information about the KR-2014 conference see: