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Sir Nigel Shadbolt – the next Principal of Jesus College & new member of the Computer Science Dept.


Nigel Shadbolt is set to become the next Principal of Jesus College, Oxford.  In addition to his new role at Jesus College, Nigel will continue his scientific research taking up a professorship at the University of Oxford Department of Computer Science where he will carry on leading the SOCIAM project. He will remain Chairman of the Open Data Institute and continue to advise UK Government.

Currently based at Southampton University, Nigel is Professor of Artificial Intelligence. Since 2009, he has also been an advisor to the UK Government across a range of data related topics. In 2012, he co-founded the Open Data Institute with World Wide Web pioneer Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Nigel’s service to science and engineering saw him knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2013.

Nigel will take over the role of Principal at Jesus College from Lord Krebs in August 2015.