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New edition of 'Inspired Research' out


The latest edition of 'Inspired Research' has been launched. This twice-yearly publication showcases the cutting-edge research that is being undertaken at the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford. Features of this edition include:

  • The data genome mountain: Professor defines architecture to analyse data from 100,000 genomes
  • GCHQ certifies MSc: Master’s degree in Software and Systems Security receives GCHQ approval
  • Secure payments to be revolutionised: Research leads to spin-out offering spontaneous security
  • The Rise of the Friendly Drone: Missions by unmanned aerial vehicles become  safer thanks to software
  • Chords program spun into business: A free online music service that transforms audio music into chords

Download a free copy from - just click on the cover image.

Companies interested in receiving hard copies of future editions should sign up to the department’s industry