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Eye Movement Biometrics Against Insider Threats


The paper “Preventing Lunchtime Attacks: Fighting Insider Threats With Eye Movement Biometrics” has been accepted at the 2015 Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS). This work demonstrates that eye movement biometrics (in particular, fixational and saccadic eye movements) support reliable and stable identification and authentication of users. Even if an attacker attempts to use inside knowledge to mimic the legitimate user, the eye-movement behaviour can be used to detect such impersonation.

NDSS is a top-tier security conference, with a very selective acceptance rate: from 302 submissions only 50 papers were accepted (17%). This paper is a joint work of Oxford’s Simon Eberz, Kasper Rasmussen, Ivan Martinovic, and Vincent Lenders from Armasuisse, Switzerland.