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Papers accepted to International Conference on Very Large Databases


Five papers from Oxford's Computer Science Department will be presentedat the 41st International Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB).This is one the premier conferences in database systems, and the Oxford contribution is one of the largest. The conference will be held in Hawaii in August 2015 (see

The papers and their authors are:

  • Gain Control over your Integration Evaluations Using iBench by Patricia Arocena, Radu Ciucanu (Oxford), Boris Glavic, Renée Miller
  • Querying with Access Patterns and Integrity Constraints by Michael Benedikt, Julien Leblay, and Efi Tsamoura (all Oxford),
  • DIADEM: Thousands of Websites to a Single Database by Tim Furche, Georg Gottlob, Giovanni Grasso, Xiaonan Guo, Giorgio Orsi, Christian Schallhart, Cheng Wang (all Oxford)
  • Live Programming Support in the LogicBlox Systemby TJ Green, Dan Olteanu (Oxford), Geoffrey Washburn
  • WADaR: Joint Wrapper and Data Repair by Stefano Ortona (Oxford), Giorgio Orsi (Oxford), Tim Furche (Oxford), and Marcello Buoncristiano.


Tim Furche
(James Martin Fellow (, Fellow of the Oxford Man Institute)
Giorgio Orsi
(Oxford Martin Fellow)