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Bookings open for Lesser-Spotted Sciences Day


Planning on (or already) doing Maths & Science at A-level? Love science but not sure about uni? Talented at maths, but want something less abstract? Want to know a bit more about science degree subjects that don't often appear on the school curriculum? Heard of Earth Sciences, Engineering, Statistics, Computer Science, BioChemistry, BioMedical Sciences, or Materials, but not really sure what they are? 

We are delighted to welcome year 11 (final year of GCSE) and year 12 (lower sixth) students to the Lesser-Spotted Sciences Day. The day draws together science subjects from Oxford's Mathematical, Physical, and Life Sciences Division that aren't commonly taught in schools. The event will take place on Thursday October 8th 2015 at the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University.

During the day, participants can attend sample lectures, hear from the University's Careers Service, and visit an Oxford college to discover what is it really like to study at Oxford. This event is intended for students who enjoy science, but don't know which areas they might want to explore further in the future. This event will initially only be open to UK state schools. It will be open to all UK schools if space allows.  

Some comments from last year’s delegates include:

"I was surprised by how informal and friendly the atmosphere was.”
"I now know more about the college system and the university. Everything is much clearer. I understand how much work is done during the day and what forms it takes (tutorials, lectures, etc)."
“I particularly loved the college tour. It was great hearing how life at Oxford is."  
"I was surprised by how the Oxford stereotype has been proven incorrect!” 
“The best bit of the day was my students telling me they realise that Maths is so important as a basis for their future careers. They want to work hard to achieve their grades."

Further information and booking: