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Deadline extended for Valuable Artifacts Prize


We are delighted to announce that the deadline for the Valuable Artifacts Prize has been extended to Friday 9 October.  The prize, sponsored by alumnus Dr Steve Moyle, awards tangible creations that could be developed further by someone with similar skills.  This could be a design; working code; documentation; algorithm; test specification.  Applications, whcih should be sent to, should be o longer than 2000 words and should describe the artifact, including its purpose and benefits.  Your application should list all contributors and include a single summary sentance describing the artifact to a layman in 30 words or fewer.  Entry is open to all members of the Department of Computer Science, not just student and academics!

Entries will be evaluated by a panel consisting of five senior members of the Department and the prize's sponsor, Dr Moyle, who together will identify the greatest items that could be developed further.  A signle prize totalling £500 will be awarded to the creator(s) of the most valuable artifact at a prize giving reception.

Please send your entries to by Friday 9 October.