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Christmas Science Lectures: open for bookings


Dr Jason Nurse will be presenting his talk on Computer Science & Social Media:  The use of your online information for the good, the bad  and the ugly as one of this year's annual christmas science lectures, held at the Museum of Natural History.

The annual Christmas Science Lectures are a series of free educational and entertaining lectures, spanning across a week, with the aim to inspire and encourage students towards science. They are designed for year 9 students (13-14 year olds) of all abilities.

'Social media, everyone uses it, whether it is to connect with long lost friends on Facebook, or to share selfies on Instagram or Twitter! In this talk, I examine the topic of social media and consider its use for bad and good purposes. Specifically, I consider the security and privacy risks to the use of social media, and also, the ways that social media can be used to support situations such as crisis management and response.'

These lectures will take place in the Museum of Natural History, and the day involves a quiz around the museum for students to participate in. Light refreshments will be provided (schools may bring packed lunches to eat afterwards). Please see here to find out which other subjects are represented, and how to book.