Probability and Computing, Oxford 2016-17

Table of Contents

Elias Koutsoupias
Lectures (in Tony Hoare room)
Wed 4-6pm (weeks 1-4), 4-5pm (weeks 5-8)
Fri 3-4pm
Classes (week 3-8, room 051)
  • Group 1 : Fri 2-3pm (Joao De Sousa Pinto)
  • Group 2 : Fri 4-5pm (John Lapinskas)
  • Group 3 : Tue 12-1pm (Nikola Yolov)
Office hours (room 363)
Friday 4-5pm

This is the main page of the course, which will be updated during the term with notes, homework etc. You can find past exams, overview, learning outcomes etc in the standard page of the course.


For the MSc revision class on Wednesday 15/03, we will discuss the exam of the previous year.


These notes are incomplete and most likely contain errors. You should study from the textbook. It is very useful to read the notes of similar courses to get a better picture.

Lectures in pdf




Michael Mitzenmacher and Eli Upfal. Probability and Computing: Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Analysis.

  • We will use the first edition (2005). The second edition is expected to be published in February 2017, too late for the class of this year.

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