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Nicolas Basset : Publications

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Counting and generating permutations using timed languages

Nicolas Basset

In LATIN. Pages 502−513. Springer. 2014.


Strategy Synthesis for Stochastic Games with Multiple Long−Run Objectives

Nicolas Basset‚ Marta Kwiatkowska‚ Ufuk Topcu and Clemens Wiltsche

No. RR−14−10. DCS. 2014.


Compositional Controller Synthesis for Stochastic Games

Nicolas Basset‚ Marta Kwiatkowska and Clemens Wiltsche

No. RR−14−05. DCS. 2014.


A Maximal Entropy Stochastic Process for a Timed Automaton

Nicolas Basset

In ICALP (2). Pages 61−73. Springer. 2013.


Spectral Gap in Timed Automata

Eugene Asarin‚ Nicolas Basset and Aldric Degorre

In Víctor A. Braberman and Laurent Fribourg, editors, FORMATS. Vol. 8053 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Pages 16−30. Springer. 2013.


Generating Functions of Timed Languages

Eugene Asarin‚ Nicolas Basset‚ Aldric Degorre and Dominique Perrin

In MFCS. Pages 124−135. Springer. 2012.


Toward a Timed Theory of Channel Coding

Eugene Asarin‚ Nicolas Basset‚ Marie−Pierre Béal‚ Aldric Degorre and Dominique Perrin

In FORMATS. Pages 27−42. Springer. 2012.


Thin and Thick Timed Regular Languages

Nicolas Basset and Eugene Asarin

In FORMATS. Pages 113−128. Springer. 2011.