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Peter Kohl : Publications

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Application of cardiac electrophysiology simulations to pro−arrhythmic safety testing

Gary R. Mirams‚ Mark R. Davies‚ Yi Cui‚ Peter Kohl and Denis Noble

In British Journal of Pharmacology. 2012.


Single−sensor system for spatially resolved‚ continuous‚ and multiparametric optical mapping of cardiac tissue

P. Lee‚ C. Bollensdorff‚ T.A. Quinn‚ J.P. Wuskell‚ L.M. Loew and P. Kohl

In Heart Rhythm. Vol. 8. Pages 1482−91. 2011.


Minimum information about a cardiac electrophysiology experiment (MICEE): Standardised reporting for model reproducibility‚ interoperability‚ and data sharing

T.A. Quinn‚ S. Granite‚ M.A. Allessie‚ C. Antzelevitch‚ C. Bollensdorff‚ G. Bub‚ R.A.B. Burton‚ E. Cerbaig‚ P.S. Chen‚ M. Delmar‚ D. DiFrancesco‚ Y.E. Earm‚ I.R. Efimov‚ M. Egger‚ E. Entcheva‚ M. Fink‚ R. Fischmeister‚ M.R. Franz‚ A. Garny‚ W.R. Giles‚ T. Hannes‚ S.E. Harding‚ P.J. Hunter‚ G. Iribe‚ J. Jalife‚ C.R. Johnson‚ R.S. Kass‚ I. Kodama‚ G. Koren‚ P. Lord‚ V.S. Markhasin‚ S. Matsuoka‚ A.D. McCulloch‚ G.R. Mirams‚ G.E. Morley‚ S. Nattel‚ D. Noble‚ S.P. Olesen‚ A.V. Panfilov‚ N.A. Trayanova‚ U. Ravens‚ S. Richard‚ D.S. Rosenbaum‚ Y. Rudy‚ F. Sachs‚ F.B. Sachse‚ D.A. Saint‚ U. Schotten‚ O. Solovyova‚ P. Taggart‚ L. Tung‚ A. Varró‚ P.G. Volders‚ K. Wang‚ J.N. Weiss‚ E. Wettwer‚ E. White‚ R. Wilders‚ R.L. Winslow and P. Kohl

In Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology. Vol. 107. Pages 4 − 10. 2011.