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Algebraic and coalgebraic semantics for knowledge acquisition: foundations, applications, and tool support

1st October 2008 to 30th September 2011

My plan is to

  1. Study the foundational structures that govern knowledge acquisition as a result of information flow between the agents. Accordingly, develop a unifying framework to formally express these structures in a logical syntax with a comprehensive semantics. I aims to use categorical algebraic and coalgebraic semantics of adjoint modal logics.
  2. Apply this framework to reason about security properties of multi-agent protocols, in classical and Quantum systems. Also relate it to similar semantic structures that have been used for information retrieval from the web, i.e. vectore space models of distributed meaning.
  3. Write a computer program to implement the axiomatic semantic structure and produce a software package. 
Here is a more detailed description as published by EPSRC.

Principal Investigator

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