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Transatlantic TUmour MOdel Repositories

1st April 2010 to 31st March 2013

The project aims at developing a European clinically oriented semantic-layered cancer digital model repository from existing EU projects that will be interoperable with the US grid enabled semantic-layered digital model repository platform at (Center for the Development of a Virtual Tumor, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Boston, USA) which is NIH/NCI-caGRID compatible. This interoperable, CViT interfaced, environment will offer a range of services to international cancer modelers, bio-researchers and eventually clinicians aimed at supporting both basic cancer quantitative research and individualized optimization of cancer treatment. This ‘Transatlantic’ project will therefore be the starting point for an international validation environment which will support joint applications, verification and validation of the clinical relevance of cancer models. To ensure the clinical relevance of this joint effort, the development of the project will be based upon specific clinical scenarios that will be implemented within an integrated EU-US workflow environment prototype for predictive, In Silico Oncology-guided clinical studies that will be deployed towards the end of the project. As an end result, a specific, clinically relevant workflow involving both EU and CViT models will be demonstrated, which will clearly highlight the need for and added value of interoperability. To achieve these goals, multiscale models/tools developed and data collected within the framework of three ongoing EC funded research projects namely ACGT [Advancing Clinicogenomic Trials on Cancer], ContraCancrum [Clinically Oriented Cancer Multilevel Modeling] and the VPH-NoE [Virtual Physiological Human Network of Excellence], in conjunction with models and data from the NIH supported ICBP Program will drive the development, optimization and validation of the integrated system. Thus, a new module of the VPH environment will emerge.

Principal Investigator

Steve McKeever


Jonathan Cooper
Janet Sadler

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