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Algorithm Design with Haskell

This book by Richard Bird and Jeremy Gibbons, published in June 2020 with Cambridge University Press, is a sequel to RSB's introductory textbook on functional programming Thinking Functionally with Haskell.

book cover

Here's the publisher's blurb from the back cover:

This book is devoted to five main principles of algorithm design: divide and conquer, greedy algorithms, thinning, dynamic programming, and exhaustive search. These principles are presented using Haskell, a purely functional language, leading to simpler explanations and shorter programs than would be obtained with imperative languages. Carefully selected examples, both new and standard, reveal the commonalities and highlight the differences between algorithms. The algorithm developments use equational reasoning where applicable, clarifying the applicability conditions and correctness arguments. Every chapter concludes with exercises (nearly 300 in total), each with complete answers, allowing the reader to consolidate their understanding and apply the techniques to a range of problems. The book serves students (both undergraduate and postgraduate), researchers, teachers, and professionals who want to know more about what goes into a good algorithm and how such algorithms can be expressed in purely functional terms.
The book can be purchased online.


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