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Lost in translation: Formalizing C# 3.0 - CANCELLED

Gavin Bierman ( Microsoft Research )
Current real-world software applications typically involve heavy use of relational and XML data and their query languages.
            Unfortunately object-oriented languages and database query languages are based on different semantic foundations and optimization
            strategies. The resulting "ROX (Relations, Objects, XML) impedance mismatch" makes life very difficult for developers.

Microsoft's Visual Studio 2008 contains a number of new features to facilitate easier processing of non-object-oriented data models. This includes various extensions to the .NET languages to leverage such support.

In this talk I'll discuss C# 3.0, the next version of the C# programming language. I'll give an informal introduction to the new language features, but for the bulk of the talk I'll show how underlying these extensions are some familiar and beautiful ideas from functional programming. I'll also give a formal semantics of C# 3.0 by type-directed translation.

Speaker bio

Gavin Bierman is a researcher in the Programming Principles and Tools Group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK.

His areas of interest include database query languages, type systems, semantics, programming language design and implementation, data model integration, separation logic, and dynamic software updating.

Before joining Microsoft Research in 2004, Gavin was a University Lecturer at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and a fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge.

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