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Facebook drop in session

Jackson Gabbard

Ever wonder what it is really like to work at Facebook? Want to get the inside scoop on the company mission, culture and roles? Wait no more! Facebook engineer Jackson Gabbard will be on campus to share his experiences around working at Facebook and answer your questions.

A little about Jackson - "I love Flannery O'Connor as much as I dig Knuth. Educated in English with a minor in Education, I took the scenic route to becoming a software engineer. Started out as a web designer, then an ActionScript (remember Flash!?) developer, and eventually an infrastructure engineer at Facebook. Now I work in London using technology to make Facebook a hard place for baddies to do dastardly things. Also a feminist and playing field leveller. Check me out on Facebook"

Drop in to say hi, grab a cookie and bubble tea, and ask those burning questions!

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