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Current internet scaling problems

Edmund Pringle ( Metaswitch Networks )

What are the current problems we’re hitting in the internet Today?  As has been true for a significant time now, they’re mostly related to scale.  In this talk, I’ll give a bit of background (including some of the old scaling problems) and then cover one or more of the interesting new problems that people are working on right now.  Feel free to jump in with questions throughout, and or get excited and get involved trying to understand/define and help solve some of these!  I’ll cover (at least) Data Centre Network Scaling,  and will also cover IP/MPLS-TP Software Defined Networking depending on time, and depth of discussion.

Speaker bio

Edmund runs a team in the Networking Business Unit at Metaswitch Networks. He’s also an RAEng visiting teaching fellow, and assists with the 2nd year undergraduate Networks course.

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