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Ideals of vector addition runs

Sylvain Schmitz ( University of Warwick )

More than 30 years after their inception, the decidability proofs for reachability in vector addition systems (VAS) still retain much of their mystery.  These proofs rely crucially on a decomposition of runs successively refined by Mayr, Kosaraju, and Lambert, which appears rather magical.  This talk offers a justification for this decomposition technique, by showing that it emerges naturally in the study of the ideals of well quasi ordered sets.

Joint work with Jerome Leroux; paper to appear in LICS'15, available on arXiv:

Speaker biography

Sylvain Schmitz has been a lecturer at Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan since 2008, and is a Leverhulme Trust visiting professor at the University of Warwick at present.  He held a postdoc position at INRIA Nancy from 2007-2008, and obtained his PhD from the University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis in 2007.



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