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Clinically-Driven Computational Cardiac Modelling of Arrhythmias & Electrotherapy: the good, the bad and the basic

Dr Martin Bishop ( Department of Biomedical Engineering, King’s College, London )

Sudden cardiac arrhythmic death remains a major health challenge in Western Society. Recent advances in computational methods and technologies have made clinically-based cardiac modelling a reality. An important current focus is the use of modelling to understand the nature of arrhythmias in the setting of different forms of structural heart disease. However, many challenges remain regarding the best use of these models to inform clinical decision making and guide therapies. In this talk, I will introduce a diverse sample of applications of modelling in this context, ranging from basic science studies which aim to leverage a fundamental mechanistic understanding of different aspects of pathological cardiac function, to direct clinical-application projects which aim to use modelling to immediately inform a clinical therapy. I will also discuss the challenges involved in clinically-driven modelling, and how to both engage, and manage, the expectations of clinicians at the same time, particularly with respect to the potential uses of 'patient-specific' modelling.



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