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Tree Buffers

Radu Grigore ( University of Oxford )

You know what circular buffers are. (I know you know: I searched in several standard algorithms textbooks, and circular buffers appear in none of them.  With one exception, that is.  One of the textbooks lists circular buffers as a pre-requisite.)  I also know that you don't know what tree buffers are.  Well, they are a generalization of circular buffers.  Also, they do something that for a while I thought would be impossible.  Now you are curious to know more.  Here's your choice: (a) you could go and read the awesomely written[*] paper at or (b) you could come to this short talk.  (Yes, I promise it will be short.)

[*] that would be because of my co-author, Stefan Kiefer.


Speaker bio

Since 2013, Radu Grigore has been a postdoctoral research assistant in the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford.



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