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Bloomberg Information & Interactive Learning Session

Zahir Hussain ( Bloomberg )

Time: 12.00 - 14.00

Speaker: Zahir Hussain

Role: Developer, Trainer, Team Lead


The information session will give you an overview of what the 3500+ Bloomberg developers do and how the software we build drives some of the worlds most important financial decisions. We will discuss some of the complex challenges our developers can face including dealing with billions of messages a day. We will also discuss how Bloomberg embraces opensource and the languages we use followed by the campus opportunities and how you can apply.

The interactive learning session will have a crash course on Agile development and scrum, followed by a team based exercise to apply the scrum methodology on a project using LEGO!

The important lessons are learned through retrospectives after each sprint to see how we can continually improve.

We hope to see you there.

Speaker bio

Speaker: Zahir Hussain Role: Developer, Trainer, Team Lead

I look after the training needs for R&D new hires and experienced developers. I teach on the graduate training program and guide new hires towards successful careers at Bloomberg. In addition I run a software development team that builds applications to support our internal training and documentation departments.

When I am not learning, coding or teaching, I am running... my first half marathon is in March 2016 (closely followed by the second 2 weeks later)

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