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Deciding Maxmin Reachability in Half-Blind Stochastic Games

Edon Kelmendi ( University of Bordeaux )

Two-player, turn-based, stochastic games with reachability conditions are considered, where the maximizer has no information (he is blind) and is restricted to deterministic startegies whereas the minimizer is perfectly informed.

We ask the question of whether the game has maxmin 1 in other words we ask whether for all epsilon>0 there exists a deterministic strategy for the (blind) maximizer such that against all the strategies of the minimizer, it is possible to reach the set of final states with probability larger than 1-epsilon.

This problem is undecidable in general, but we define a class of games, called leaktight half-blind games where the problem becomes decidable. 

We also show that mixed strategies in general are stronger for both players and that optimal strategies for the minimizer might require infinite-memory.



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