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Autonomy and social trust

Prof. Dr. Jörg H. Hardy ( Centre for Advanced Study in Bioethics, University of Münster, Germany )

To live means to make decisions under conditions of epistemic uncertainty. This is why we need autonomy and social trust. Autonomy provides rational and free agency, and trust reduces epistemic dependency. An individual person is autonomous if she is able to successfully pursue general, supreme goals (such as doing scientifc research, helping people, etc.). In my presentation I aim to explain the structure of social and personal autonomy as well as the importance of social trust, and I invoke what I call 'A Minimalist Theory of Morality'.

A handout is available here: [pdf].

Speaker bio

Joerg H. Hardy PhD is Fellow at the Centre for Advanced Study in Bioethics at the University of Muenster. He also works as executive director of a German foundation for human dignity and as scientific director of a forthcoming research project on Human-Robot-Interaction. Dr. Hardy has studied Philosophy, Linguistics, Mathematics, and Law in Muenster, where he received his PhD, and he received his 'Habilitation' (postdoctoral qualification) at the Free University Berlin. He has published four books and he currently works on a monograph about Autonomy and Dignity.

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