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State equation for Unordered Data Petri Nets.

Piotrek Hofman ( University of Warsaw )

Data Nets are an extension of Petri Nets. They use transitions with very simple relations between consumed and produced tokens.

Unordered Data Petri Nets (UDPN) from the theory perspective are natural and easy to define.  Furthermore, similarly to Petri Nets, they have a lot of structure to explore. During the talk, we will start from the definition of UDPN and the formulation of the state equation, an analog of one of the simplest and most important equations for Petri Nets.

Next, I will present a sketch of the proof of the correctness of the NP-time algorithm solving the equation. Then, I will mention new, unpublished results for other classes of Data Nets. We will conclude with open problems.

The talk will base on a paper ''Linear Combinations of Unordered Data Vector'' submitted to LICS-2017. It is a joint work with Patrick Totzke and Jerome Leroux. I will also mention some unpublished results obtained with Sławomir Lasota.

Speaker bio

Piotrek Hofman is an adjunct at the University of Warsaw, Poland. Before he was a postdoc at LSV, France, working with Stefan Goller and at Bayreuth University, Germany, working with Wim Martens.

He obtained his PhD in 2014 at University of Warsaw under the supervision of Sławmir Lasota.

His current research interests are focused on counter systems.



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