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Multi-Tenancy Usage Control of Moving Things

Michael Huth

The Internet of Things gives rise to new sharing ecosystems, e.g. for the car sharing services, e-scooters, and other moving things. Manufacturers of vehicles and heavy machinery are also interested in usage control of these machines beyond transfer of ownership or ordinary rental agreements. For example, usage control for "function on demand" would allow manufacturers to build cars with few configurations and thus reduce cost, while also being able to configure car features dynamically as additional paid services.


In this talk, we will present an approach to such usage control that can be implemented on embedded devices within Moving Things: a language for policy-based usage control, a usage-control architecture, and a policy change management process. We will stress what Formal Verification can contribute in this space and we will also report on a Proof of Concept for this approach, done at XAIN AG in collaboration with Infineon Technologies. 



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