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Ransomware Decryption

Fabian Wosar

A case study of ransomware acquisition, triage, analysis and decryption. Showing the most common flaws within ransomware and how to create decryptors.

Speaker bio

According to the BBC, Fabian Wosar is known in the security industry as "as one of - if not the - best ransomware expert." However, such a label makes him somewhat uncomfortable. During the day he works from his home in London as the CTO of the New Zealand anti-malware company Emsisoft. But during the night his two adorable (and slightly flatulent) moggies and him create free ransomware decryption tools. The decryptors he has created over the past 7 years have been downloaded more than 1.75 million times, helping individuals and businesses recover their vital data and memories and avoid paying more than $1 billion in ransom demands in total.



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