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Some Reflections on Automated Code Generation

Mike Giles ( Oxford )
In this talk from a workshop 8 years ago, I reflect on a number of projects I was involved in, or aware of, at that time. The common feature was the desire to simplify high performance computing through abstraction, separating the specification of what was to be computed from the details of how it was computed. In practice, this involved automated code generation, either through the processing of embedded DSLs, or through the creation of application-specific DSLs with custom code generation backends.

Speaker bio

Mike Giles is a Professor of Scientific Computing and currently head of the Mathematical Institute; from 1992 to 2008 he was in Oxford's Computer Science department which was then called the Computing Laboratory. His primary research interests are in the development and analysis of a wide variety of numerical algorithms, but a secondary interest is in various aspects of high performance computing. This included being one of the UK's early pioneers in GPU computing, and led to him establishing the Emerald and JADE GPU supercomputers.




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