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Eyemmersive - Inclusive VR-based Accessible Tourism Platform Economy: Enhancing Collective Happiness of Traveling - Motivation, Success, and Challenges

Dr Selvakumar Ramachandran ( University of Oxford )

Eyemmersive is a groundbreaking project primarily aimed at individuals with disabilities, mobility challenges, and families with children with special educational needs—both users and VR-video content creators. However, its inclusive design ensures its applicability and appeal to a broader audience.

What sets this venture apart is its dual utility. On one hand, it provides an alternative mode of travel, offering immersive experiences for those who face challenges in traditional tourism. On the other hand, it serves as an invaluable tool for potential travelers to plan their journeys, allowing them to explore destinations through VR-based 360-degree videos. This not only bridges the gap between desire and reality but also ensures that travel decisions are well-informed and satisfying.

Dr. Ramachandran envisions it as the "Amazon of VR-based immersive tourism," a comprehensive ecosystem where content isn't just consumed but also created by its users. This inclusive approach ensures that the content is diverse, authentic, and representative.

Selva's presentation promises to be both informative and inspiring, offering insights into the motivation behind Eyemmersive, its journey to success, and the challenges encountered along the way.




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