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The Knowledge of Preconditions principle

Yoram Moses ( Technion, Israel )

This talk will present a simple principle relating knowledge and action in distributed systems: If some condition  must be true when a given action is taken, then this condition  must be known when the action is taken. This yields a number of fundamental connections between knowledge and multi-party coordination. In particular, the talk will illustrate how these can provide insight into the interplay between time, communication and coordination in networks and distributed systems. The talk will be self-contained, intended for a general CS audience. 

The latter part of the talk is based on joint work with Ido Ben Zvi. No familiarity with the subject will be assumed. 

Speaker bio

Yoram Moses is the Israel Pollack Academic Chair at the Technion. Known for his work on distributed systems and on knowledge in multi-agent systems, he is a recipient of the Godel Prize 1997 and the Dijkstra Award in 2009.

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