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From Branching to Linear Time, Coalgebraically

Corina Cirstea ( University of Southampton )
This talk will consider state-based systems with branching modelled as coalgebras, and show that by suitably adapting the definition of coalgebraic bisimulation one obtains a general and uniform account of the linear-time behaviour of a state in such a system. By moving away from a boolean universe of truth values, our approach can measure the extent to which a state in a system with branching is able to exhibit a particular linear-time behaviour. This instantiates to measuring the probability of a specific behaviour occurring in a probabilistic system, or measuring the minimal cost of exhibiting a specific behaviour in the case of weighted computations. The talk will also outline preliminary work on defining quantitative modal and fixpoint logics for specifying linear-time properties.

Speaker bio

Corina Cirstea obtained a DPhil in Computation from the University of Oxford in 2000. Following 4 years as a Junior Research Fellow at St John's College Oxford, she took up a permanent post at the University of Southampton, where she is now a member of the Electronic and Software Systems group. Her main area of research is the study of coalgebraic models and logics, and their application to the formal specification and verification of computational systems.



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