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DPhil Student - Students on a Student visa

Attendance Monitoring

We have to report on attendance and progress of all students studying on a Student visa ten times per year.

Three of these will be termly registrations, three will be from GSR reports and the remainder will be from a combination of supervisors confirming they have met with you, submission of transfer and confirmation applications and submission of thesis depending on your year of study.

Renewing your Student Visa

If your student visa expires before you submit or have your viva you will need to apply for a new visa and be issued with a new CAS number. Please contact the Graduate Studies Administrator well in advance of you needing this.

Graduate Route

The Graduate Route which first opened for applications on 1 July 2021, is an opportunity to apply for a visa to remain in the UK to work, look for work, be self employed or engage in business.

You will only become eligible to apply once you have successfully completed your qualification, meaning you have your official result or Leave to Supplicate for a DPhil, and we have reported this to the Home Office.