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MSc in Computer Science

You should make a suitable selection from among the many interesting topics listed below.The choice should be related to the area of your subsequent project but should not overlap with courses you have followed during your undergraduate degree.

It is important to consult your supervisor at the earliest opportunity to discuss your course selection based on the likely general area of your project.  (A description of possible projects and proposed supervisors will be made available at the beginning of the first term.) As a further guide, the various options have been grouped into themes. Your supervisor will need to agree and sign the Department's Course Selection form which needs to be returned to Tim Jones by Monday of week 4 of term.

It is recommended that students should undertake no more than four topics in any one term.

Although there is no overall upper limit of courses a student can take, students may take examinations in a maximum of four courses per term. Students must take at least six courses, including at most two courses from Schedule A and at least two courses from Schedule C. See the Examination Conventions for full details.

Teaching for each lecture course is supported by problem sheets and practicals. All students are expected to attend classes and practical sessions for each topic they have selected, and to submit the relevant work for these for marking.  NB: It is necessary for students to obtain an overall pass in their practical work in order to satisfy the Examiners.